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Camshaft Alfa TS

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Camshaft per piece for Alfa TS engines. All our camshafts are made of solid material and surface-nitrided.
We have a total of 3 different profiles for TS motors.
The camshafts are always labelled, so that even after many years, everyone always has the setting values at hand.
The camshafts are about 30 % lighter than the standard shafts.

The base circle is normally 27.5mm - 29.0mm is possible.

Example of a caption: formulaGT TSE08/4.2/0.22

TSE08 is our profile number// 4.2mm Stroke in TDC with adjusted valve clearance /// 0,22 mm Valve clearance (0.20 to 0.24)



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Technical details

TSE07Exhaust shaftRalley/Circuit
Inlet shaft sport
29325812,753.98/106 degrees0.24 +/- 0.02mm
TSE08Intake shaft 190 to 205 hp at approx. 6800 rpm30026312,954.2/106 degrees0.22 +/- 0.02mm
TSE09Inlet shaft for speeds above
7000 rpm
307268134.4/106 degrees0.22 +/- 0.02mm