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Camshaft North 105

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Camshaft Alfa North 105

We only offer plasma-nitrided camshafts manufactured from the solid. These are all hollow bored and have a surface that harmonises very well with the series tappets. We use only self-designed elevation cams, all of which have been tested on our dyno in various engine configurations. The weight saving is a whopping 37 percent.

All camshafts are directly labelled with the required information.

Example camshaft profile P10: formula GT P10/4.4/0.22 

P10 is our profile number// 4.4 mmValve lift in TDC, valve clearance adjusted/// 0.22 mm Valve clearance (0.20 to 0.24)


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Technical details


DesignationCommentOpening angle
0.1mm plus play
Opening angle
1.0mm plus play
Max. stroke
Less play
Stroke (with backlash) in TDC with spreadingValve clearance
105 P07for 1300 and 1600 road tuning with perfect part-load characteristics282201611,52.7/108 degrees0.22 +/- 0.02mm
105P08Sports/Ralleysports290252123.25/108 degrees0.22 +/- 0.02mm
105P09Ralleysport/Circuit29826012,53.9/107 degrees0.22 +/- 0.02mm
105P10Circuit e.g., Pista
2L 200 HP
307268134.4/109 degrees0.22 +/- 0.02mm
105P12Circuit 8,200 rpm318125.6/106 degrees0,22
105P13Circuit much stroke30726813,514.65/106 degrees0,22
105P14Circuit29425812,754.0/106 degrees0,22 +/- 0,02